The Daily Money Motivator


Everyone thinks about money! Some people obsess about it, others think about it from time to time, and others push the subject to the back of their minds and pretend it’s not there.

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Some people wonder how they will meet the financial needs of each day, and others worry about the financial needs of the future. There’s no question about it: we must have money to live. But for many people, money concerns are source of discouragement rather than motivation.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you had an encouraging and insightful money tip for each morning, every day for a single year? That is exactly what you’ll get with “The Daily Money Motivator.” This amazing resource gathers the best money advice available and summarizes it in easy-to-understand, simple, and practical tips that anyone can put into use right away. Most of us are intimidated by all the financial things we know we should be doing, but because the mountain seems too high to climb, we never get started.

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