"Instant Cash System"
Right Now, At This Very Moment, Many Ordinary People Like You Are Getting Paid Over $2,000 Week After Week, Using The Most Revolutionary And Simple Website In The World.
No Experience | No Technical Knowledge | No Capital
Read through this entire business plan and you will know is a good online business

Anyone Can Use This Online Opportunity To Make Over $100,000 Dollars A Year.

But almost no one does… Because so few people are aware of this incredible cash system opportunity. While people are struggling to find work and make ends meet and scammers are taking advantage of your desperation to sell you outdated junk that doesn’t work. Ordinary folks like me are taking home at an average of $200 in one day and more than $5,000 in one month.

See my Paypal Account. Now, my habit is whenever the amount reaches $5,000 in my Paypal account I will withdraw the funds to my bank account to spend.

Well, the GREAT NEWS is… with this turnkey business opportunity for beginners or anyone that want to make money online, now you can do it and get paid through PayPal quickly & directly.

Here’s What You Don’t Need:

  • You don’t need any experience
  • You don’t need big capital to get started
  • You don’t need to set up a complicated system yourself
  • You don’t need your own product
  • You don’t need your own list
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge
  • You don’t need to wait for someone to send you the commission check
  • You don’t need a marketing degree
  • And you don’t need to wait for weeks or months to get started

You’ll quickly & directly make money online into your PayPal account each time someone like you are interested in this business and they also won’t need to drain their bank account to get started.

I am here to reveal to you the legal, quickest, and easiest way for beginners or anyone that want to start making money online and get paid quickly & directly into your PayPal account.

No Experience  | No Technical Knowledge | No Spending A Fortune To Start

A secret that for some reason, hardly anyone knows about or even talks about something that literally anyone can use to make a steady income from your kitchen table, your local café, or even your vacation hotel room.

Without worrying about when you next getting paid. Without dreading going to work and dealing with your boss.

Without wasting hours of your time for no reward. And without spending more than 2 hours of your day. You don’t need any prior knowledge or past experience, in fact, you don’t need anything at all, other than the will to SUCCEED.

So please put all distractions to one side for just a few minutes and read on. Because you are finally being given a REAL and GENUINE opportunity to make money online.

And if you pay close attention, then I’m going to tell you exactly what that opportunity is and how YOU can use it to totally change your life around. The chances are that you’ve landed on this page because you have FAILED.

The brutal truth is that there has not been one single genuine cash making opportunity to hit the internet in years. Not even one and I know this because I’ve been around in the make money online world for some time.

Back in the day, when the online dream of making cash using Google Ads was alive and well, I was one of the guys that helped ordinary people like you make money online. And believe me when I say that in those days there was more than enough online cash to go around.

But then all of a sudden Google started “slapping” people and the whole landscape changed. Maybe you’ve been trying desperately to make it online so you can quit that boring 9 to 5 job?

Maybe you’ve simply bogged down by the restrictions of life and the routines society imposes upon us?

The reality is that YOU DESERVE More!


You deserve that online income, you deserve the cash, you deserve the riches and you deserve the freedom that it comes with.

You deserve the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamt about. And if you really do want that lifestyle, if you want a genuine way to make a decent income online.

You’re in the right place.

No matter what your situation, whether you currently have a job, a family, whatever. If you are willing to spend just a little bit of your time each day on this then I can let you in on an incredible instant cash opportunity.

And it’s this secret and only this secret that will give you that incredible feeling when you log into your Paypal account and finally see that first sale.

That’s how I generated over $200,000 dollars in the past 3 years, just by using this similar system.

Although this is not millions of dollars, I am sure you agree is a good income for you to be able to work anywhere you like as long as you have internet access.


Hi, I am Brandon Martin. I am a computer science college dropout 7 years back.

Now I’m not a guru, but a few years ago, I am like you struggling to make some very decent cash online.

Everyday Joes like you and me really could make a tidy online income by following the same tried and tested formula, day in and day out.

But honestly, most of the profits that we are making were from Google. This meant that when Google finally got wise to what we were doing and put a stop to it.

Our income streams almost totally dried up.

So…what happened?

The truth is that a cycle of pure greed, deceit, and exploitation started to unfold. Internet marketers became desperate for a way to continue to make money online. So I tried to find my own solution, a new way to make it online. But I failed. I spent a ton of cash doing it too and soon I was one of the guys being taken in by the scam artists. I was at rock bottom, so I decided to do something totally different. So the reality is that over the past few years, in my free time I’ve been constantly searching for that next online opportunity. I kept searching and searching but no avail.

But just a few months ago, something incredible happened. I met my benefactor Michael Chen and he was one of the smartest guys I’d ever seen.  Michael Chen had been making an absolute killing online using a simple site called “Instant Cash System”.The best bit was that as Michael Chen unaware of my online experience, he went into detail that was more than sufficient to get me started doing exactly what he was doing to make the kind of cash he was making. I knew this is the opportunity I’d been waiting so long for.

The chance meeting that would lead to me developing a system that I now use to generate an average $5,000-6,000 in PURE CASH, every single month. Last year I made over $75,000.00 in pure cash in my Paypal account. That is not millions of dollars, it’s not billions of dollars, but it’s over $75,000 US dollars – a damn fine yearly income, I’m sure you’ll agree!


There are people that got my turnkey business opportunity package and they started placing ads just like I am still doing. 

I have a collection of proven ads that have been making me money for years and you can have them too! I have step-by-step instructions and show you lots of ways to advertise that walk you through placing these ads so that you can learn how to make money online and get paid directly through PayPal too.

The ads are included and if you follow the instructions, you could be on your way to making money online within 24 hours from now.  

You may ask – but how can I make it work if I don’t know anything about how to market? How do I get people to my website?

Not a problem, as I have put together a detailed marketing tools section in the member’s area and even a quick-start marketing guide that will show you exactly the best step-by-step methods to promote your site that is all either free or very low-cost and proven to work.

The process is so simple… Once you get started placing ads you may start making so much money you may not want to do anything else. You’ve now found a way to make money online and get paid quickly & directly through your PayPal account, that you’ve stumbled onto, that could end up generating you $1,000’s of dollars every week.

And most important is week after week…


The Make Money Online” niche has grown into a mega-million dollar giant. Many people are struggling financially and are looking for ways to bring in some extra income online, and now anyone who wants to own their business by making money online, they can.

In just 24 hours you can be set up with your very own online business.  

And listen to this…  

You don’t need any equipment, you don’t need any special skills or experience because the system is already completely set up and waiting for you. You could be ready to start making money in just 24 hours from now.  

If you want to get set-up with your very own business:

I’ll set you up with an “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” website just like THIS SITE  and host it for FREE and the only thing you have to do is advertise to get people to visit your “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” and I show you EXACTLY how to do that.


Money is deposited quickly & directly into your PayPal account – no waiting for commission checks or some company to pay you.

All you need to do is to promote the site by placing ads that are provided (you can write your own too) to you in the marketing tools section on the member’s area that will show you exactly the best step-by-step methods to promote your new “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” that is all either free or very low-cost and proven to work.

Having your own “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” like this site could be one of the most exciting things you have ever done, not to mention the money that can be made!

Everything is already completely set-up. All you need to do is get plugged in.


  • You purchase the Instant Cash System package for $49 (and never have to pay anything else!)
  • Payment is made in 2 separate transactions. $25 is paid instantly to your qualified Sponsor and $24 covers the administrative costs and the website set-up for you. 
  • You will need a Paypal account. If you don’t have one, go sign up at Paypal.com and upgrade to a Business account which is free.
  • Forward me your Paypal receipt number to: info[@]imsitz.com to get your “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” within the next 48 hours, but most of the time within 24 hours.

Click the below “Order Now” button to make your first payment for $25 to your Sponsor and you will be redirected to make your second payment for administration fee for $24 later.

√ By clicking the order now button, you agreed on the terms of service.

After you ordered:

  • I’ll set up and I will provide you your “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” site less than 48 hours, but most of the time within 24 hours.
  • install your payment button on your “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” site (so you get paid quickly & directly)
  • host your “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” site on my hosting, so you don’t need to pay monthly or yearly hosting fee – no catch, no strings.


Here’s is what you will be doing after your site is up:

Promote the site by pacing ads, which are provided (or you can write your own for more uniqueness) on social media sites like Facebook Groups, Twitter, on classified ads sites, do banner advertising, through email marketing, solo ads or your website if you have one, plus any other ethical way you want to advertise.

If you’re really ambitious like me, you can take it a step further and post ads anywhere else you want to advertise for even more profit.

I have put together a complete marketing tools section in the member’s area as part of your purchase which will show you exactly the best step-by-step methods to promote and are all either free or very low-cost and proven to work.

That’s all you need to do it really that simple!

I have helped thousands of regular folks just like you make money online and get paid quickly & directly to their PayPal accounts and now you can do it too. Stop wasting time on programs that nickel and dime you to death or offer you an incomplete system that doesn’t work without spending a fortune on advertising.

See what others said…


Dotti Bery

“I’m going, to be honest, getting this system set up, my first day was hard, but since then I have finally reached my income goal of 5k per month.”

Jame Gardner

” I’m getting several $25 payment to my Paypal account daily which is something I’ve never been able to do.”


Richard Hall

“This system recommends that everyone should get immediately, I’ve generated 100’s of $39 payment by my second months, best of all, I was able to process my first email within 5 hours of signing up.”

Bryan Smolinski

“I became a member of this system not long ago and I have changed my life for the better. Anyone looking for a system that you can earn 100% commission should look into this! Simply amazing!”


Jenny Swadly

“So I just wanted to say that I join not too long ago and I am impressed by the potential income you can earn this! Not mention the instruction comes along with it! It’s really wok! You should look into this system.”

Just think about it for a minute, for less than an evening out for dinner and a movie, you can:

  • make money online through PayPal with no minimum payout
  • don’t need to struggle on how to set-up
  • be ready for anything with some extra money in your pocket!


But, what is the product?? 

What do I get with my membership package? 

Your “Instant Cash System” package includes:

  • Your own personalized “Instant Cash System” website (with subdomain) just like this one
  • Access to our Member’s area full of information to get you off to a fast start. Includes the pre-written selection of sample ads as well as the best places to advertise and methods for ads and promoting your site. 
  • Your very own collection of e-Books and Software with full resale rights and useful information for internet marketers. Use them for your own use or resale them to make profits if you like. This collection alone is valued at over $5,000.00.


There are a few hundreds of useful e-Book, Software, Information, Tools for internet marketers. Below is just a small part of what’s included in the Member’s area. 

All of this and MUCH, MUCH, MORE! Over $5,000 worth of eBooks, Software & Information!

Don’t wait a minute longer! Join today…

Click the below “Order Now” button to make your first payment for $25 to your Sponsor and you will be redirected to make your second payment for administration fee for $24 later.

√ By clicking the order now button, you agreed on the terms of service.


Next, I’ve put together some of the most common questions people ask and try to clear up any questions you may have.

Question: How can I make this work if I don’t know anything about how to market? How do I get people to my “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM”?

Answer: Not a problem as I have put together a complete marketing guide in the member’s area as part of your purchase, which will show you exactly the best step-by-step methods to promote that are all either free or very low cost and are proven to work. Did I mention that I have also created pre-written ads for you to use? And, I show you exactly where to place them online. So there is no guesswork on your part.

Question: I’m a total computer dunce, is this complicated? What do I have to do?

Answer: It’s simple. First, to get your “INSTANT CASH SYSTEM” site by clicking the “Order Now” button below. Simply make your purchase to get plugged-in to the system.  

Upon successful purchase, Paypal will email you a receipt, which you need to forward to me at info[@]imsitz.com and I will provide you the “Instant Cash System” site within 48 hours, most of the time within 24 hours.

Question: What is PayPal? How do I open an account with them?

Answer: PayPal is an online payment processor used for selling things online. To open an account, you just need to visit the PayPal.com website. The only difference between a personal and business account is the fees charge when you get paid, no registration fee, free to join. 

If you have a “personal Paypal account” you will NOT be able to create the Paypal links. You have to upgrade to a Business Account which is FREE to do so. Choose “Sole Proprietor” under “Services” Making up to $10,000 per month.

Go to this link https://youtu.be/EYtMrua46Q0 to watch a Youtube video showing you “How To Upgrade Your Paypal Account To A Business One”.

Question: Okay, this sounds good, but how long will it take for me to get started? I need the money right away.

Answer: A good question but almost impossible for me to answer as it depends so much on the individual. I have people all of the time email me saying how they purchased the system a week or two ago and are just now getting started. If you are one of those people and let the information gather virtual dust on your computer then it could be a very long time indeed before you make any money. On the other hand, if you immediately dive-in, place ads using one of the pre-written ads you will have access to, you could easily have 1-2 sales overnight with the money sitting in your PayPal account by breakfast.

Question: What if I buy this and then need some help?

Answer: I am usually pretty close to my email on 6 days of the week (rarely on Sunday) and I am always ready to help you and offer suggestions on any marketing challenges you may have. You will also have access to the marketing section in the member’s area which has almost all the information you needed after you have completed the purchase that you can use anytime as a reference. Only you make money than I will make money so is a win-win situation.

Have a question now? Contact me by clicking the button below…

Question: Okay, this really is the best thing I have seen online in a long time! I am still in shock, but I am not going to waste another minute…How do I get started?

Answer: All you have to do is click on the “Order Now” link below to get things set up.

Click the below “Order Now” button to make your first payment for $25 to your Sponsor and you will be redirected to make your second payment for administration fee for $24 later.

√ By clicking the order now button, you agreed on the terms of service.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because so few people have access to this unique, un-copied system! This isn’t something that might make you a few bucks, if you follow my instructions in the member’s area then this can be a step-by-step foolproof path to changing your life forever.

Anybody can use this “Instant Cash System” because it is so darn easy to use. You will never look back because the “Instant Cash System” is specifically designed to utilize a gap in online traffic opportunity and unmask a hidden cave of online cash. I’m not asking for your house or your car, I’m not asking you for thousands or even hundreds of dollars. I didn’t join the online gig to take money from people, I’m just an ordinary guy who wants to help you out and all it will take for you to change your life with the same tool and materials that I use to guarantee daily cash and this is a win-win system.

By opening this new road in your life, it’s impossible for you to lose anything. But the possibility to GAIN is infinite. Click the “Order Now” button because if you don’t you will stay locked in that cage of struggle, working every hour for a guy who probably doesn’t care whether you live or die.

Click the “Order Now” button now to claim a stake in the mind-blowing profits just waiting to be claimed! Why shouldn’t it be you? The amount of money you can make right is out of this world.

Click the “Order Now” button to change your life around. I’ve got your back, just make the right decision. I’ll see you on the other side.

√ By clicking the order now button, you agreed on the terms of service.

To Your Success,
Brandon Martin

P.S. – You’ll discover all the steps, tools, and resources to help you finally succeed and get results! I guaranteed you are unable to find a system as simple as this and allowing you to make unlimited money.

Click the Order Now button to change your life today!

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As a member, you get paid $25 for each payment you received. You are making a one-time $25 payments to your sponsor and one time $24 payment for getting a similar “Instant Cash System” website and for maintaining the members’ area, total of $49. There are NO admin and monthly fees.  In turn, the people who respond to your ads will pay you directly $25 and will also pay $24 for getting a similar “Instant Cash System” website and for maintaining the members’ area.  Because you will be given immediate access to the “Instant Cash System” members area and will have access to the step-by-step instructions and pre-written ads, we have a very strict NO REFUND POLICY.   By purchasing the “Instant Cash System” membership, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. All fees are non- refundable. You agree there are no refunds for any reason and non-use does not constitute a reason for a refund of any kind.  As part of our terms and conditions, you agree that you will NOT dispute/chargeback the order for ANY reason.  If you are not sure if you want to join “Instant Cash System” or if for any reason you are not comfortable due to this policy, we suggest that you wait until you are absolutely sure.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and it’s potential.  This is not a “get-rich- quick” opportunity, but it is a legitimate way to create an extra income from your home.  You’ll be amazed at how with some real effort you can see real results, but it’s up to you to take the necessary action.  You will be given step-by-step instructions.  Any earnings or income statements & income examples are only estimates of what we think you could earn.  There is no assurance you’ll do as well.  We are a long-term business, our minimal effort system is designed to change your life for many years, use it correctly and it will. 

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